About KFA Training

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Par with the rapidly changing business environment, and to keep up with the pace, KFA was established in July 4, 2001. It is registered at Company Registrar Office under the Registration No: 142087/072/073 and at Inland Revenue Office under VAT No: 603561302.

From the genesis, KFA is adhering persistently to attain its vision by:

  • Functionally establishing itself as the most resourceful training platform for people from every walks of life
  • Conducting quality researches that help grow different financial sectors
  • Establishing itself as a professional company, providing consulting in the areas of Financial Management, Corporate Restructuring, Human Resource Development and Operations Management etc.

As one of Nepal's leading business education and training providers KFA is committed to providing its students and the clients with quality education and the very skills the professionals look forward to.

Besides providing customized and tailored made programs to different renowned organizations, KFA also provides retail programs, suited for individuals and small organizations. With more than 15 years of experience KFA has a highly skilled pool of star trainers, both national and international. Most of the programs we provide are highly interactive, participative and delightful


Message from Director/CEO, KFA Training 

Mr. Kishlaya Jha

The Goals are Bigger!!!

If we ask any organizations today whether their goals are smaller now than compared to five years back, the answer would probably be the sarcastic one with wearied smile on respondent’s face. This is because we are in an era of growth. We are trying to achieve things which were most probably unimaginable few years back.

The shareholders’ expectation has increased and the principal of "Slow and steady wins the race" is now replaced by "Fast and Consistent is always better than slow and steady"

The formula of Profit is simple: Profit = Higher revenue or Lower cost. In both the cases we are looking to increase the productivity.

The formula of Productivity is also simple: Higher Productivity = Efficient employees, Systems and Process.

To sum it up, if we have efficient employees, system and processes, we will have higher productivity which will result to higher revenue or/and Lower cost without compromising the quality of the product, service and the price.

The reality: We have spent tremendous amount of Time, Money and Concentration in the system and process of our organization. But what about employee skills, what about her/his knowledge, what about the willingness to apply the skills and knowledge at workplace ? The reality is, as an organization we still take training as an expense. We still think that training should only be done when everything else is going well. But , if we do not invest in employees Production Capacity , sooner than later, our hen will stop giving golden eggs. Effectiveness is a balance between production and production capacity and if we only concentrate in output or production and give less priority to the production capacity of employee which will only increase thorough continuous training, coaching, motivating and mentoring soon organization will see negative impact of it in profitability and sustainability of organization.

Take training as INVESTMENT not as an EXPENSE.