Message from Vice Chancellor's, Lincoln University

Dr. Amiya Bhaumik Ma
Vice Chancellor, Lincoln University College

Student applying to selective colleges understandably want to know, “what does it take to get in?” The answers they receive from admission professionals often sound evasive, disingenuous, even haughty. But the truth is that there is no concrete formula for gaining admission to colleges that have so many excellent candidates. Consider the following thoughts about college admission in general against LINCOLN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE in particular.

  • Most candidates applying to top schools have the preparation , performance and personal qualities to be successful in a highly competitive learning environment.
  • Selective Colleges attract far more qualified students then they could possibly accommodate in their first year classes. The admission process at these schools is highly subjective and arbitrary.
  • Applications to highly selective colleges must confront the prospect that they will be placed on a waiting list or refused admission without concrete reasons. Such an outcome does not mean they are unqualified or unworthy. It reflects the quality of competition for admission.
  • But at LUC, in the selection process, involvement with activities, services or work are carefully considered. We look for serious commitment, leadership and earned recognition from peers or adults. We want to enroll people, who will enrich our community with their talents and personalities.
  • The appraisal of teachers and guidance counselors influence our decisions. We value intellectual vigor, self-motivation, active participation and the desire to purse knowledge with creativity and independence.
  • We hope candidates will use the required essay as a vehicle to reveal their ideal and opinions, their values and aspirations. We want to know about their thought processes.

As I mentioned, there is no formula for gaining admission into a highly selective colleges. But I hope this has provided some insights into our evaluation of application here at Lincoln. Good luck with the process.

Thank you.