About KFA Consulting

KFA Consulting is a subsidiary of KFA. We are a management-consulting firm that serves to provide realistic and practical solutions to our Clients. We are passionate about achieving better results for our valued clients and the results are delivered which are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring, thereby, helping our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals of their Organization.

We take quality-driven, proactive and personal approach on our consulting assignments regardless of the industry and geographic location.


KFA Consulting is a management-consulting Division within KFA, which serves leading Financial Institutions, Hotels, Corporate Business Houses, Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations. It helps clients to make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. KFA Consulting' brings together a complementary mix of background and cultures of diversified professionals providing clients with all-round, hands-on support in smooth Management of Business, Market Research, Feasibility Studies, Impact Analysis, Business Plans, Management Strategy Consulting, Financial Management, IT Solutions, HR Management and thereby increasing value to its Customer's business.

With KFA's ability to maximize operational efficiencies, empower growth potential, and provide transformative change, KFA Consulting Team work collaboratively to optimize operating costs, streamline business operations and increase overall revenue of the partner organization.

For Government / Developmental sector, KFA Consulting has the capabilities of undertaking assignments such as Impact Analysis, Research Studies, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of Respective Government Units, Human Resources / Personal Management Structures of Government Agencies and Others.

KFA, through its Strategic Partner, also provides Technical/Vocational Training to aspiring youths, community-level people and factory workers, for helping them for their 'Independent Livelihood', 'Skill Enhancements' and 'motivational' aspects.

KFA Consulting team has a unique blend of industry and consulting experience, which provides pragmatic solutions to complex issues while leveraging industry’s best practices.

We have a strategic partnership with several national and international organizations along with a core team of in-house experts in the arena of Government / Development Sector, Corporate Management, Banking & Insurance, Hydropower, Education, Hospitality, Health Services, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Agriculture, Foreign Direct Investments and other sectors.


Our aim is to offer the best through a perfect mix of solutions that will support in identifying the most efficient path to achieve goals of our Clients. KFA Consulting strives to be the Strategic Partner to help achieve desired objectives.


  • Synergy – Our collaborative interaction with our clients to create strategic solutions
  • Quality Of Service – Meeting & exceeding our Customer's expectations
  • Mission – Achieving our client's ultimate benefit through value proposition
  • Integrity & Ethics – Most important value within our system
  • Confidentiality & Trust – Preserve & protect the result of every project.
  • Transparency – Full, clear and timely discloser of “how, why and what” of our business practices.


  • Collaborative Approach:

KFA works collaboratively with our clients. We strive to become an integrated partner with our clients, serving as an extension of research, management and professional teams.

  • Pragmatic Solutions:

KFA applies its experience to focus promptly on core opportunities with the highest return and develop innovative, realistic solutions for implementation with sustainable results.

  • Independent Service:

KFA provides its clients an independent advisory and research services. As an independent advisor, we are unbiased and solely focused on our clients' returns.

  • A glocolized Solution:

Our solutions are supported by world-class empirical research and practices with practically convenient for application in local environment.

Leveraging through KFA's Training & Education Services

Training is an integral part of Consulting. KFA has been providing various value-added professional training services from its inception. Such training programs can be customized and packaged with KFA's Consulting Services to extract better values to the Clients.

KFA Business School (an Education wing of KFA), is offering management education since the beginning of 2010 through its MBA and BHM Programs. KFA Consulting can appoint best passed-out students from its School in the Consulting assignment to derive optimum value for its customers.

Message by Executive Chairman

Mr. Resta Jha

Opportunities in Challenging Times

Country was shaken badly by major earthquakes in the months of April and May 2015. Our nation was shaken, but our spirits are very high. KFA Team is all geared upfor necessary challenges to strengthen the existing initiatives and to take up new innovative challenges which will not only impact KFA’s Stakeholders positively, but also will serve to the best interest of the nation.

Also, with increasing realization among the Political and Beaureocracy leadership of Nepal for the need to focus on second-tier ‘Economic Reforms’, time has now come for ‘Private Sector to pull up the socks and walk the talk. I strongly feel that we will see some concrete investments in the days to come.

KFA likes to position itself as a Strategic Partner of the Private, Government &Developmental sector in this bandwagon. With KFA’s more than One & Half Decade long experience, robust Management, its resourceful Consultants, Educationists, Trainers and Strategic Partners, I believe it can add significant value to the upcoming as well as existing projects through arrays of interesting products.

Message from Director Academics & Consulting

Ms. Jasmine Hada Bajracharya

We are living in an exciting period of our history, marked with Changes in our Economic, Socio-Cultural & Political affairs.

Today’s Companies, either profit making or non-profit making are caught up in the trap of demanding consumers in one side and competition on the other. The costs become dearer and results or the outcome becomes the key-evaluating factors.  These are the paradoxes Companies are juggling each day and then they look to find the best possible solution.

KFA Consulting brings together a rich mix of diversified professionals, ready to provide pragmatic solutions to Businesses. We are a management-consulting firm ready to provide diversified services to our clients and always committed to work in providing enduring results.

Together, we find values across boundaries, develop insights to act on and energize teams to sustain success.

Our collaborative culture and determination to achieve results has helped us showcase within our Clients as one of the best and reliable partner in the market.

We’re passionate about always doing the right things for Our Clients, Our People and Our Society.