About MBA

KFA MBA offers students to learn agility and resilience. Students enable themselves to multi task and respond to changing times. KFA’s MBA helps students to realize their career aspirations. A rigorous and intense activity on Research, Leadership, Career Development and many more learning activities are carried out throughout the program. Hence, students get an opportunity to kick start their career in as a Rockstar Entrepreneurs and Rockstar Managers.

Our intensive and highly integrated format will develop Student’s management ability in an applied and useful way. More than that, students will get to learn the people skills of management, how to communicate effectively and how to lead.

An emphatically unique aspect of our innovative MBA program is the DFS learning methodology, integration of business concepts and linking with the Corporates. Furthermore, our students learn how business concepts are integrated into business decisions through a combination of applied courses, exercises, case studies and projects incorporating each functional business area.

The objectives of KFA MBA are aimed at:

• Creating the skills and abilities required to provide strong leadership and management in a complex global and changing business environment by providing students with an understanding of the management disciplines of accounting & finance, marketing and managing people. Elective subjects can further extend this knowledge base to accommodate student interest and vocational needs.

• Offering opportunities to explore modern aspects of Business Administration not previously encountered and to broaden aspects that were covered in previous studies Developing a keen appreciation of some key theoretical concepts, major economic themes and significant current issues surrounding Business Administration Providing opportunities for a practical application of the Business Administration perspective for businesses in global, regional and national scenario.

• Developing an awareness of the professional context in which graduates with Business Administration credentials find employment

• Assisting students to further develop personal skills in critical thinking, research, bibliography, analysis, verbal argument and professional writing.

The contemporary context of learning at KFA is offered through three different Program options; namely as follows:

1.Morning MBA Program

Morning MBA program offers class hours in morning. With Dual Faculty System (DFS) learning methodology, it equips students with holistic learning approach. Morning MBA Program is focused on those students who are willing to devote their morning time and also who aspires to be working professionals while pursuing MBA. The interplay of work and study, case studies, seminars, research activities and field projects add up to a unique module of learning.

2.Day MBA Program

You may have just finished your graduation and aspiring to learn in a full-time learning mode. This is the right program for you. Day MBA Program blends a complete package of professional learning equipped with continuous skills development. These activities are custom designed to suit the students’ need. Initiated from Skills mapping, the students enroll with individualized care.

This is for them who would only devote the upcoming two years in learning and do not plan to work during this period.

3.Evening MBA Program

The Evening MBA program enables students to study and work simultaneously. Students can apply the theories learned in the class to their working environment. With classes commencing at evening 5pm-9pm, the modality works for busy working professionals who want to excel in their careers with MBA degree. Students bring in their experience in the class and learn in peers as much as they learn with faculties inside the class.


Voice of students

  • “I think studding MBA in KFA business school is one of my best decisions of my life . The experience and the exposure to different teaching styles that I found here have given me a different perspective about life and what I really want to do.”

    Atul Bhattarai -
  • "KFA provides great balance between work & education. The dual faculty approach helps in developing academic & professional skills together. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available to us. It is not only about the degree, it is about connections, networking & collaborations."

    Anjana Neupane - MBA 3rd Semester
  • “It gives me great pleasure to say that I am a part of KFA. There is so much I have achieved studying in KFA than just a certificate. I gained knowledge, confidence along with theoretical and practical skills, provided by knowledgeable, accessible and expert faculties together with an inspiring group of co-learners at KFA.”

    Navin Adhikari -
  • “Studying MBA at KFA Business School has added value to my career. It gave me an opportunity to meet different people and learn about many things. It helps students in not only building their career but also in enhancing distinctive competencies and skill sets that help the students grow their professional life in an exponential pace. Additionally, the amazing and highly qualified faculties here help students in getting in-depth knowledge about all the subjects that are most needed to become a key person in a dynamic corporate world.”

    Sachin Acharya -
  • "I am extremely thankful to KFA team and its faculty members for providing us with such an outstanding learning environment. Best part of KFA is research based curriculum, supportive faculty members and management team. KFA is not only to fulfill academic degree, it is also a better platform for personality development, diversified career development and entrepreneurship skill development."

    Yubraj Thapa - MBA 2nd Semester
  • "I express my gratitude towards KFA Business School as all the professors have helped me to enhance my skill set and guided me throughout. The relationship between faculties and students is very cordial which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest .The two year of running MBA Courses helped me to grow as a professional. KFA have wonderful faculties and they are cooperative. I am thankful to my program head and KFA professors for always motivating me and helping me to develop and grow as a person."

    Raju Shah -

Dr. Amiya Bhaumik Ma

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