General Banking Course

Financial sector, which comprises of Central Bank, Commercial Banks, Development Banks, Financial Companies and other financial institutions, is arguably the most happening and transparent sector in the country. This sector has been performing as the most organized and profitable segment in the economy since early 90’s. Rationales behind attractiveness of financial sector are:
•    Transparent, organized and most profitable segment.
•    Attractive financial packages/salaries to employees.
•    Job Security.
•    Excellent career-growth opportunities.
•    High-quality Corporate Governance.
•    Admirable work culture. 

It is therefore obvious for majority of fresh graduates to have aspiration to become a banker. KFA has been conducting number of banking-related programs for more than eight years. KFA-KBC has specially been designed for non-bankers, who want to pursue their career in the banking sector. However, this course is often participated by employees from financial institutions and corporate houses. This course covers entire area of banking and has been instrumental in helping participants gain thorough knowledge in the subject.

This course attempts to equip non-bankers, who want to pursue their career in banking, with complete banking knowledge. This is a highly refined course designed to impart knowledge with a good blend of theoretical and practical orientation. It has also been able to deliver an impact in imparting overall banking knowledge to employees of various financial institutions and corporates giving them the exposure in all the relevant areas of banking.

Banking & Economics, Account Operations, Remittance, Introduction to Documentary Credit, Types of Documentary Credit, Guarantee, Cash Management, Corporate Lending, Credit Administration & Documentation, Bank Accounting, Treasury Operation, Banking Software Hands on, Software Practical,   Technology Products, Enhancing Presentation Skills, Interview Facing Roles Plays, Marketing Banking Services, Cards, Consumer Finance,  Written Examination, Final Written Examination, Market Survey Presentation, Project Submission & Presentation.

TENURE: 30 days
Morning – 7:00 am to 9:00 am
Evening – 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm


•    Non-Bankers, who want to pursue their career in Banking
•    Management Trainees, Junior and Senior Assistants, Supervisor Working in Banks, Finance Companies & Cooperatives
•    Employees of Corporate houses who deal with Banks

•    NPR 13,000(for corporate)
•    NPR 10,000 (for individuals) + NPR 1,000 Registration Charge