Message from Executive Chairman, KFA

Mr. Resta Jha
Executive Chairman, KFA

As per KFA's mission to produce world-class human resources and provide best min of 'management solutions' through its Education, Training and Consulting Services, KFA Business School’s MBA Program aspires to contribute in this mission by implementing ‘Dual Faculty System (DFS)’, an unique Teaching Methodology adopted by the School.

We desire our Graduates to make a significant impact in the economy, for which KFA’s teaching methodology revolves around pairing of contemporary case studied with relevant academic chapters in each course, DFS, which brings in Academic Professors (APs) and Professional Contributors (PCs) together in each Class Interactions, has helped us in delivering 360 degrees management education in the school’s Masters Level Program.

I would like to welcome all MBA aspirants to the school and request them to be a part of this unique concept of Management Education in Nepal.

Thank you