WorldLink Technical Training Institute (WTTI)

Years In Operation: 7 Years

Area of Expertise: Conducting CETVT Certified Various Vocational Training Programs

High unemployment, the changing demands of the job market, economic marginalization, and lack of training facilities are some of the difficulties confronting the youths, who seek jobs and their livelihood.

WTTI is affiliated to Center For Technical Education & Vocational Training (CTEVT), which is a Government Certifying Body for delivering Technical Education. This institution provides young adults from surrounding communities and villages with the skills they need to secure reliable employment, and upscale their livelihood. WTTI helps individuals achieve realistic job opportunities for the future and an avenue to become independent.

WTTI in collaboration with KFA hasbeen providing youths with fair starting possibilities, empowering them to address the unfair social and economic demands of the 'real world'.

The training programsbeing provided are strongly orientated towards local and regional job prospects. Local relevance is the key criteria in the training center orientation. The youths and socially disadvantaged young people are given the opportunity of vocational qualifications and skills, which will allow them to live an independent life as an adult.

Technical trainings include Mason, Assistant Welder, Mobile Phone Repairer, General Cook, Auto Mechanic, Off Season Vegetable Producer, Hand Embroider, Industrial Electrician, Scab Folder, Bar Bender, House Painter, Furniture Maker, Motor Mechanics, Metalwork, Printing, Plumbing, Carpentry, Pottery, Tailoring, Office Administration, Cookery, Agricultural Courses in Farming and Breeding Animals, Computer Training, etc.