On Going Assignments

Management Consulting and other Assignments Undertaken:

1. Himalayan Bank Limited (HBL): October 2015 - On-going

The Bank has outsourced their Bancassurance Unit to KFA Consulting on a "Direct Sales Agency" Model. KFA has hired and deputed 5 competent and professional human resources to the capacity of executing the unit's sales budgets in line with the Bank's Bancassurance strategies.
KFA is successful to provide quality services to the Bank and its customer base.

2. Shikhar Insurance Company Limited (SICL) –February 2016 - On-going

Shikhar Insurance has outsourced their “Health Insurance Unit” to KFA Consulting. KFA has hired, trained and deputed 8 highly competent young energetic staff members to run the entire unit. Their concentration will be in generating business from all the sectors. KFA is in the process to market the product and is already receiving overwhelming responses from the clients.

3. Town Development Fund – May 2016 – On-going

Town Development Fund (TDF) aims to alleviate economic and social poverty in urban sectors through long term financing in social infrastructure and revenue generating projects.
TDF supports Municipalities, Water Users and Sanitation Committees of STWSSSP, Hospital and Health Centres through long term financing on social infrastructure and income generating Projects in the form of loan, soft loan and grant within strict financial rule and regulations.
KFA has entered into an agreement by deploying a highly experienced expert as Key Consultant to advice on financial planning of TDF.

4. Consulting Services for Conducting Psychosocial Counselling and Support Services – June 2016 – On going

The Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (MOPR) is implementing Provision of Psychosocial Counselling and Support Services (PSS) to Conflict Affected Persons in Nepal project utilizing Nepal Peace Trust Fund (NPTF)'s fund. The overall objective of the services is to contribute to the peace process by providing rehabilitation to conflict affected persons and their community members through psychosocial counselling and support services.
KFA in joint venture with CMC & SMART, KFA being the lead organisation has been awarded to provide Consulting services for conducting “Psychosocial Counselling and Support Services” in 10 conflict affected districts.
KFA has deployed 195 experienced human resources to the capacity of project requirements in the form of Project Coordinator, Project Officer, Clinical Supervisor, Psychosocial Counsellor, Community Psychosocial Workers (CPSW) and Admin/Finance Staff members.

5. Toran School - August 2016 – On going

Toran School (Former Navajeevan Higher Secondary School) established in 1986 was started with a dream and inspiration of a very charismatic lady Ms. Saroj Shrestha who is the Founder and Director, is now managed by KFA Consulting. KFA has envisioned taking this school to newer heights and will follow the ethos:
• To follow teaching methodology of “Learning by doing”
• To provide updated course and high quality education to the students
• To be recognized by teaches and parent communities
KFA has deputed Deputy General Manager and other relevant staff members required to run the school management.

6. Solu Hydropower Limited – October 2016 – On-going

ECS is implementing an 82MW run-of-the-river hydropower project (the “Project”) in the Solukhumbu district. Employment prospects in the district are poor due to the dampened economic climate, and income levels are low. The Project provides excellent opportunities to the people in the district, with c. 1,000 jobs are expected to be created during the Project's construction phase. However, the people in the district lack the requisite education and skills to be able to make full use of such opportunity; without adequate skills and education, they would be limited to unskilled work, which limits both the number of people that can get employment and also the income that they can expect from such employment.
Accordingly, ECS, in partnership with its GuarantCo, FMO and potentially other lenders that are supporting the Project, proposes to train people from the Solukhumbu district in some of the skills required to get gainful employment in the Project's construction phase. The training program will also involve the contractors of the Project, who will provide inputs on the details of the skills training modules, will participate as observers in the duration of the program and will ultimately provide the program recipients jobs in the Project's construction.
KFA successfully completed the “Need Assessment” and identified to provide 4 skill-based training to 80 participants. The identified traits are Wielding, Mason, Electrician and Plumbing.

7. Evolution Trading Private Limited – January 2017 - Onging

Evolution Trading Pvt. Ltd. a leading distribution Company in Nepal offering a wide range of innovative products in mobile handsets and accessories, visual display and audio solutions, pro-audio solutions, communication solutions and IT peripherals. Evolution has diversified business interests in other areas such as beverages distribution, restaurant and automobiles sales.
KFA provides complete HR Management Services to Evolution Trading.

8. Merchant Bank of Himalayan Bank - January 2017 – On-going

Himalayan Bank is in the process of opening a Merchant Bank as it subsidiary. KFA is appointed to conduct feasibility study and Pre- Operation phase activities (Draft MOA & AOA, Liaise with SEBON, fulfil all the requirements of licencing and prepare 5 years budget).

9. Arun III Hydropower

Located in Sankhuwasabha district, Arun III project is a 900 MW, export-oriented Peaking Run-of-River (PRoR) project with 3.65 hours minimum peaking capacity. The project is a high head, run of the river scheme with storage capacity envisaged for installation of four generating units of 225 MW each giving a total installed capacity of 900 MW. The design energy per year is 3685 GWh.
KFA was successful to win a bid to prepare “Local Benefit Sharing Plan” invited by SJVN Arun-3 Power Development Company (P) Ltd. (SAPDC), Khandbari, Nepal (A Subsidiary of SJVN a joint venture of GOI & H.P.) having Registered at Kathmandu Nepal.
"Benefit Sharing" is the systematic effort of the Company, as well as GON and GON nominated agencies to equitably share benefits of Project with affected communities through benefit sharing mechanisms.
"Local Benefit Sharing Plan" refers to the plan through which the company agrees to benefit sharing through local community development activities reflected in the EIA, IEE and supplementary E&S Documents, and that which the Company as a good corporate citizen shall continue throughout the concession period by channelling some of the benefits generated by the operation of the Project to the affected communities beyond mitigation and compensation measures.

10. Life Private Limited – October 2016

Life is an authorized Corporate insurance Agent/Broker licenced by Insurance Board, having its corporate office in Mid Baneshwor. Life provided wise array of Life & Non Life Services of various Companies present in Nepal.
The services Life provides are as follows
1. Life Insurance Products of MetLife Nepal, LIC Nepal & Nepal Life
2. Health Insurance Products of Shikhar & Siddhartha Insurance Company
3. Non-Life Insurance services of Shikhar Insurance Company, Siddharta and Sagarmatha.

Assignments Successfully Completed

Liberty College February 2015 – February 2016

Liberty College has been conducting management programs for past 6 years and is now embarking into new era of change management to contribute to the management education sector of Nepal through different unique endeavours and had tied up with KFA Consulting for management. KFA was successful to operate in unique fashion and blend the strong foundation with modern practices and technology mix.
By being accountable to the Board of Directors of Liberty College mandate of running day-to-day management has been entrusted to KFA. Board of Liberty College has approved all the proposed Policies and also periodical Strategic Financial Plans (Budgets), under the purview of which KFA manages the overall operations of the company. KFA deputed Principal of the College to manage and handle operations as well as generate business for the college. GM reported to Director KFA Consulting.

Nature of Activities:
- Following the Ethos of ‘Individual Progress'
- Development and Implementation of Academic Operation Policy Guide
- University Liaison Functions
- Overall Management of the Institution (Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading & Controlling)
- Ensuring Governance as per the laid out Policies.
- Development and Implementation of Comprehensive HR Policy/System in the Company.
- Overall Financial Management of the Company

Tanzifco January 2015 – June 2015

Tanzifco, a Dubai-based International Cleaning Outsourcing Company, has opened its subsidiary Tanzifco Nepal for training Nepali Labourers with professional Cleaning Skills, which are useful when they go out of the country for jobs. KFA consulting was mandated with ‘Management Consulting' assignment to run overall management of the company and to develop robust HRD Plan.

Scope of the Work
- Formulating Human Resource Development Plan
- Overall Management of the Company (Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading & Controlling)
- Business Development
- Ensuring Governance as per the laid out Policies.
- Development and Implementation of Comprehensive HR Policy/System in the Company.
- Overall Financial Management of the Company KFA deputed GM to the capacity of managing the overall responsibilities and reported to Director Consulting.

Sixt –a car rental Company and an entity of Nine Nepal Private Limited – January 2012 - May 2015

Nine Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been working as a franchised Company (Sixt Nepal) for German-Based International Car Rental Company for last 6 years. The company's primary function is to rent/lease out vehicles to various segments including Diplomatic Missions, Bilateral Development Banks, INGOs, Corporates, Banks & FIs, and Telecoms etc. In order to manage the company professionally, Nine Nepal hired KFA as its ‘Management Consultant'

Actual Assignment:
By being accountable to the Board of Directors of Nine Nepal Pvt. Ltd., mandate of running day-to-day management has been entrusted to KFA.

Nature of Activities:
- Overall Management of the Company (Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading & Controlling)
- Business Development
- Ensuring Governance as per the laid out Policies.
- Development and Implementation of Comprehensive HR Policy/System in the Company.

A US Aid Funded – ARD Rule of Law Project on Impact Analysis of Functions Carried out by Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), an autonomous Government Body of Nepal –

KFA Jointly conducted this project in collaboration with Government and Private Sector Experts.

Description of Project:
KFA undertook an Impact Analysis of 5 year Review Period's Impact Analysis of the functions carried out by CIAA.

Actual Assignment:
Survey-based approach was carried out in various relevant districts of Nepal, in which CIAA had performed its tasks, on that basis a comprehensive ‘Impact Analysis Report' was delivered.

Nature of Activities:
- Perception of the Public about the function of CIAA.
- Delivery of Services by CIAA to the public.
- Accountability of CIAA towards various other Government Agencies.
- Impact Analysis Report prepared and presented.


Consulting Assignments

SN Name Of Organization Scope Industry/Sector Year Status
1 Skill Based Training - Various Traits Vocational Training Skill Development 2005 Onwards On-Going
2 Himalayan Bank Limited Bancassurance Unit Outsource Banking October 2015 On-Going
3 Town Development Fund Finacial Advisory Semi Government - Municipality Financing May 2015 On-Going
4 Shikhar Insurance Company Limited Health Insurance Unit Outsource Insurance February 2016 On-Going
5 Ministry Of Peace & Reconstruction Consulting Services for Conducting Psychosocial Counselling and Support Services Government Organisation June 2016 On-Going
6 Toran School Management Consulting School (Pre-Primary-Higher Secondary Level) August 2016 On-Going
7 Solu Hydropower Need Assessment & Skill Based Training Hydropower October 2016 On-Going
8 Evolution Trading HR Management Trading Firm January 2017 On-Going
9 Himalayan Capital Pre- Operational Actionables Investment Banking January 2017 On-Going
10 Arun III Hydropwer Local Benefit Sharing Plan Hydropower March 2017 On-Going
11 Life Private Limited Insurance Brokerage Firm Insurance   On-Going

Skill Based Training Programs

SN Training Number of training events conducted Number of Trainees enrolled Number of Trainees passing Skill test Funding Organization/client (write full name and address) Locations where training was conducted Year of Training
1 Electrician 25 500 487 ADB/GoN, skills for Employment Project Kailali, Kavre, Kanchanpur, Banke,Rupandehi, Nawalparasi, Nuwakot,Kathmandu,Sunsari, Lamjung,Kaski,Parbat,Baglung 2011
2 Electrician 1 20 20 Foreign Employment Promotion Board Rauthut 2011
3 Light Vehicle Driver 5 100 100 District Development Committee, Solukhumbu Solukhumbu 2010
4 Off Season Vegetable Producer(OVP) 5 100 95 District Development Committee, Solukhumbu Solukhumbu 2010
5 Electrician, Plumber, Off Season Vegetable Producer 13 260 260 GoN/ World Bank, EPSP (Emergency Peace Support Project) – World Bank Sindupalchok, Pachthar, Kavre, Nawalparasi and Dhankuta 2012
6 OVP 4 80 78 GoN/ World Bank, EPSP Dhading 2013
7 Electrician 3 50 50 Foreign Employment Promotion Board Banke 2010
8 Tailoring 2 33 27 EVENT Project - World Bank Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur 2012
9 Building Electrician 2 40 35 EVENT Project - World Bank Nawalparasi,Chitwan, Makawanpur 2012
10 OVP 8 160 145 EVENT Project - World Bank Nawalparasi,Chitwan, Makawanpur 2012
11 Tailoring 10 200 180 EVENT Project - World Bank Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur 2012
12 Beautician 13 260 200 EVENT Project - World Bank Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur 2012
13 Building Electrician 6 120 Reult yet to come EVENT Project - World Bank Nawalparasi,Chitwan 2015
14 OVP 6 120 Result yet to come EVENT Project - World Bank Nawalparasi, Makawanpur 2015
15 Beautician, Tailoring and OVP 25 500 Result yet to come EVENT Project - World Bank Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur 2015
16 Building Electrician 10 200 Result yet to come EVENT Project - World Bank Nawalparasi, Kaski, Tanahun 2015
17 Electrician 9 180 180 Foreign Employment Promotion Board Nawalparasi, Kaski, Tanahun 2015
18 Mason 7 140 140 Foreign Employment Promotion Board Nawalparasi, Kaski 2015