Teaching Methodology

Education is a light that shows the mankind the right direction to surge. The purpose of education is not just making a student literate rather is to add rationale thinking, knowledgeable and self sufficiency. When there is a willingness to change, there is hope for progress in any field. Basically teaching must include two major components sending and receiving information. Ultimately a teacher tries his best to impart knowledge as the way he understood it. So, any communication methods that serve this purpose without destroying the objective could be considered as innovative methods of teaching. The use of innovative methods in educational institutions has the potential not only to improve education, but also empower people, strengthen governance and galvanize the effort to ahieve the human development goal for the country. Hence KFA Business School practice the following methods of teaching:

  • Multimedia Learning Process
  • Mind Map
  • Teaching with sence of humor
  • Role Playing and Scenario Analysis Based Teaching
  • Case Analysis
  • Soft Skills Program
  • Guest Lecture

Dr. Amiya Bhaumik Ma

Vice Chancellor, Lincoln University College

Student applying to selective colleges understandably want to know, “what does it take to get in?” The answers they receive from admission professionals often sound evasive, disingenuous, even haughty. But the truth is that there is no concrete formula for gaining admission to colleges that have so ...

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