About BHM

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Hospitality Management (BHM)

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (equivalent to BHM) is designed to meet the knowledge and competencies required for those who have chosen a career in this service industry. Students may select either hotel or tourism specialization. . The experimental learning, project-based approach and practical training will provide students with the necessary competencies to function effectively as leaders in the industry.

Learning Outcomes

To give elementary knowledge about the fundamental business principles that applies to hospitality organizations

1. The student can built the skill and think critically

2. Analyze ethical issues that impact business decisions from economic, political, legal, and social perspectives

3. To enable students to operate in both national and global workforce challenges with professionalism.

4. Evaluate the application of technology as a strategy for competitive advantage in business communication, leadership and team building skill,

5. Able to analyze and solve business problems in a real-world context

6. Conduct basic research using scholarly sources to acquire new knowledge in the business domain

7. Describe the ways in which diversity influences a hospitality organization’s ability to achieve its goals.

Programme Aims

The aims for the proposed programme are as follows:

  • To provide knowledge in business and economics that creates  and develops well rounded managers and executives to enable them to compete at the global hospitality industry level
  • To produce proactive graduates who are knowledgeable and keep abreast with current issues of business and economics
  • To produce graduates with capability to integrate and apply the latest technology in hospitality management
  • To contribute to the country’s development by producing graduates that fulfills requirements of both private and public sectors in tourism and hospitality industry
  • To make graduates capable to develop a healthy body and mind and become a disciplined individual while truly representing the hospitality industry in a professional manner.

Voice of students

  • The faculty members and Academic department facilitate us in much comfortable way than I thought. I have studied in other colleges in the past but there is no other place like KFA . They guide us to be professional and teach us the contemporary way.

    Anju Duwal - BHM 7th Semester
  • "The environment at KFA is sociable and friendly. The lively class atmosphere always encourages and strengthens our determination."

    Robin Rana - BHM 8th Semester
  • Practical classes are my best place at KFA. It offers rich and dynamic collection of academic and professional mixture that no other BHM college offers. The practical instructors are the best among all.

    Sujita Rajbhandari - BHM 5th Semester
  • KFA has changed the way I look at myself. I am more confident and secured about myself. Life at KFA has  made a positive impact on the way I see myself.

    Yunisha Gurung - BHM 3rd Semester

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