Teaching Methodology

Dual Faculty System (DFS)

KFA Business School is the pioneer to implement Dual Faculty System (DFS) in Nepal. DFS is the unique Academic methodology under which two Resource Persons – Academic Professors (APs) & Professional Contributors (PCs) combinedly teach every subjects of MBA. While APs teach from textbooks that cover conventional and contemporary/emerging theories, PCs bring real case studies from their respective work experiences to align with the respective Units of the Syllabus.

Through DFS, KFA imbibes a complete 360-Degree approach to management learning. The School believes that until and unless real case studies are mapped with the Academic Contents, learning is incomplete. Our experience has proven that the students who have passed out MBA with DFS have out-performed their competitors in the practical workplace scenario as they were already exposed to both academic and practical teaching methodology thoroughly before even having work exposure.

DFS is highly effective and good learning experience for:

  • Students, who can get exposures from both worlds: theoretical knowledge and relevant practical experience/case studies;
  • Academic Professors, who can get first-hand exposure to practical aspects of the business; and
  • Professional Contributors, who can acquire knowledge from emerging theoretical frameworks


Business Enterprise Management Project (BEMP)

BEMP is a comprehensive Business Project undertaken in ‘Entrepreneurship’ during Second Year. Under BEMP, students will register a real firm/company (although with a very low capital) as per their interest area and perform real business activities, including Legal, Finance, Operations & Marketing. They will not only run ‘Operating Cycle’, of their business, which includes ’Supply’, ‘Production’, ‘Demand’ and ‘Collection’ functions, and understand the risks associated with these activities, but also explore and implement the ‘Risk Mitigations’ for these functions. In short, through BEMP, students will be ‘Business-Ready’.


Professional Entrepreneurship Group (PEG)

After the students are ‘Business-Ready’ via various subjects that they learn in the MBA as per School's DFS Methodology and upon successful completion of BEMP, they are now ready for PEG. 

This is an initiative taken by KFA to create entrepreneurship in the country. The students are given a week’s deadline to decide amongst themselves to choose any SME Entrepreneurship Project that they wish to start. Feasibility study of the chosen projects are carried out, discussed several rounds and once the preliminary framework is developed, the school will hire different experts/consultants to guide the students shape up their initiatives into concrete business proposals. The school will provide opportunity for the students to make presentations in front of potential investors, who will be identified and invited combinedly by KFA and respective students. Upon acceptance of the project by the investor/s, the necessary formalities of registration and other documentation are completed to set the project into operation after the completion of final exams or in any other appropriate timelines.

I EVOLVE Series (Capacity Building and Enhancing Skills)

I EVOLVE Series includes a series of structured classes that help students learn, develop and polish their skills. Communication, Writing, Computing and Etiquettes are some of the many skills that students master from these classes. 

I Plan: This helps each student set a career goal or vision for themselves and then plan a strategy to set the target.

I Speak: In this section, English Grammar is taught to improve one's correctness of English. Theoretical lessons imparted are practiced practically through interactions.

I Converse: This includes significance and types of verbal communication, ways of communicating and gesture in communication.

I Write: In this, effective writing business skills and the techniques are taught.

I Look: This includes personality development class that deals with development of proper etiquettes of dressing, eating and talking habits.

I Present: The proper way of making formal presentations is taught and platform is created to present in front of a panel of judges.

I Lead: The prerequisites of being an effective leader are taught. This helps in development of leadership and presentation skills.

I Design: Includes PHOTOSHOP classes for teaching the students about the basics functions of PHOTOSHOP application.

I Excel: Includes Computer classes on EXCEL. The theoretical classes are followed by practices on developing various kinds of advanced EXCEL formats.

I Access: Includes Computer classes on ACCESS for theoretical and practical approach.

I Interview:  Simulation sessions on interview facing are conducted in this session. Expert advices on how one should prepare for an interview or behave in the interview are provided.

KFA Research and Development

KFA has a dedicated Research Department under the guidance of Academic Department which facilitates research based learning and knowledge building within the organization. The students are engaged in primary and secondary research which is an integral part of their Compulsory Research Based Assignments for every subject in every semester. Students learn to think in terms of facts and figures which helps improve their decision making. In addition to that, writing of Proposals and Report to improve their documentation skills.

Structured Banking Training Program (General Banking Course)

Under this program, we deliver 40 day comprehensive banking course which is KFA Training School’s certified program, with practical banking aspects as its core objective. All MBA students are enrolled in the programme automatically after admission.

Career Fair

Towards the end of the program, KFA Business School organizes Career Fair, where HR managers of different reputed organizations are invitef to take interviews of MBA students as per their strengths and interest profiles.

Voice of students

  • The faculty members and Academic department facilitate us in much comfortable way than I thought. I have studied in other colleges in the past but there is no other place like KFA . They guide us to be professional and teach us the contemporary way.

    Anju Duwal - BHM 7th Semester
  • "The environment at KFA is sociable and friendly. The lively class atmosphere always encourages and strengthens our determination."

    Robin Rana - BHM 8th Semester
  • Practical classes are my best place at KFA. It offers rich and dynamic collection of academic and professional mixture that no other BHM college offers. The practical instructors are the best among all.

    Sujita Rajbhandari - BHM 5th Semester
  • KFA has changed the way I look at myself. I am more confident and secured about myself. Life at KFA has  made a positive impact on the way I see myself.

    Yunisha Gurung - BHM 3rd Semester

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