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Post-corona Projection; Waiting Wonders...


The fright of corona virus has had a swiftly rising graph with exponentially ballooning panic and pain across the globe. Dean Koontz's novel ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ (1981) passes prophesy of devastating infection, around 2020, of a virus called ‘Wuhan-400’ from Wuhan. Claire North's book ‘The End of the Day’ (2017) also forecasts identical assessment. Researches on Virology Studies have shown that such epidemics had broken-out around the world and caused havoc intermittently. The heart-rending work of the ancient philosopher Sophocles ‘Oedipus Rex’ refers to a brutal pandemic immediately after King Oedipus’s coronation. In the twentieth century, Albert Camus's masterpiece ‘The Plague’ had been a poignant explanation. Nonetheless, this pandemic has completely transmogrified the global psyche and mindset regarding world power identity.

Of course, author Joseph S. Nye had already made a hint of it in his book ‘Soft Power: The Means to Success in World Politics’. But now, the world is realizing that weapon, warrior or warship don’t gauge the power anymore. Today, an increasingly complex question has been posed on the face of self-called powerful nations emitting arrogance and pride. What did their nuclear weapons, atomic arms, molecular reserves, chemical furnaces, long range missiles, radioactive cannons, various types of military trainings and other powerful warfare logistics help to mitigate the core crises of world or self? All these alleged achievements that most nations have spent large chunks of the budget are proved absolutely futile. The globe is vulnerably inundated into acute problem tending to generate long-term multiple and virulent effects.

Similarly, Nepal will also definitely surf into noticeable changes in every sector of society having the greatest ever impacts on economic landscape of nation. It might hugely halt the inter-country import and export of necessary goods causing serious shortfall of edible items as we excessively rely on India for the same.  A new solemn problem of stark starvation may further hit the significant quarter of citizens provided not any strong precautionary measure is adopted anon.

A serious negative jolt may be experienced into whole national treasury as if it is disproportionally relying on remittance and the inflow of it gets stumbling block because of stagnated and stigmatized life globally. The possibility of many migrant workers losing job undeniably looms large. It hits hardest on the economy of Nepal. Revenue generation may slide towards downward trajectory. The graph of inflation, in house, may set a new record owing to devaluation of currency.

People having seasonal and short-term migration for foreign employment along with people residing in various other nations of world may voluntarily prioritize the return and stay in Nepal. That takes the job market of nation into compelling pressure to adjust them. Many people working here may lose jobs. Start-up companies might turn to liquidation. Areas like tourism, auto-mobile, fashion and real-estate may take somewhat longer time span to revive the pace of its regular cum seamless operation.

Besides dreadfully dark sides, the most ever pleasing and appealing aspect is that it might revive and revitalize the agricultural sector of Nepal with added modernization and commercialization. Many returnees from overseas may embark unique and multipronged profitable entrepreneurships here in home. Various new businesses and industries may take proactive life into corporate fraternity and front. More employment opportunities will be generated. Revenue and excise duty may set new record. Capital flow towards nation may take unpremeditated height from those who muse to stay here permanently leaving abroad stations.

China will have great positive upshot in economy. Though being the first country to face merciless strike and sufferings from virus, now, China has healed self the best and arrant. The rest of world is relegated to sheer helplessness. When rest of world succeeds in beating pandemic and comes to the point of resuming normal life, most will have already lost their economic compass. China will be a single and superlative source for global market then. That business height, what China gets and earns, can generate spill-over effect to Nepalese industries and market as well. 

Every crisis unleashes countless opportunities too; let’s think positive!


Dr. Atindra Dahal

The Author is MBA's Academic Professor at KFA Business School & IT for Managerial Communication

PhD: Issues of Nation Building/ M.Phil. & M.A.: English Literature & Philosophy/ M.A.: Political Science

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